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Turn-key Solution for Classic Internet Hobbyists.

PROTONET is a service that provides a range of Internet resources and services for vintage computer users. The Protonet service mainly hosts websites from the early days of the Internet and focuses on restoring them to full working to order. Protonet also hosts several reconstructed FTP sites with large file archives. More content is being added daily.

Protonet is in BETA, and is going through a substantial development phase as we build the tools and documentation to support the service, while concurrently building up the planned extensive library of classic web sites and resources.

The PROTONET service is currently in BETA! Many features are still actively worked on, and many features may not work. If you would like to sign up for updates, or would like to contribute in development, web site restoration, we'd be happy to hear from you! Feel free to join our Discussion groups!

Getting started is straightforward. All you need is a networked computer and a supported web browser. You will need to adjust the proxy settings to access the service. Many supported browsers have instructions how to setup in our quick start guide.

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