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 **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T3200SX]]** |  **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T3200SX]]** | 
 **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T3200SXC]]** **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T3200SXC]]**
 +==== Toshiba T5100 series ====
 +**[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T5100]]**
 ==== Toshiba T5200 series ==== ==== Toshiba T5200 series ====
 **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T5200]]** |  **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T5200]]** | 
 **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T5200C]]** **[[.:​toshiba_t-series_support:​Toshiba T5200C]]**
 +Links in red are work in progress
 ==== More models to come... ==== ==== More models to come... ====
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 ===== Join our Support Community! ===== ===== Join our Support Community! =====
-We have a Facebook group where you can share information, ​revelations ​and resources ​with like minded individuals. Come and join us!+We have a Facebook group where you can share information, ​documentation,​ help others repair their T-series portables, ​and/or talk with like minded individuals. Come and join us! Click on the Facebook button below to find our group. 
 +[[https://​​groups/​toshibaportables/​ |{{:​images:​social-facebook.png?​nolink|}}]]
 /*  /* 
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 */ */
 ----- -----
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