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ProtoWeb is an online service that allows users of vintage computers to browse classic web sites. It is the easiest way to browse the Internet as it appeared in it's early days.

  • Hundreds of classic web sites, and more are being added daily. Pages are reconstructed for historical accuracy.
  • Wide variety of vintage computers and operating systems supported.
  • Service made available through standard web proxy technologies, which is supported in almost every web browser.
  • Access to thousands of file downloads that are no longer available on the Internet.
  • Search the wide archive using period correct historical search engines and discover new web sites.
  • Access and browse restored FTP (File Transfer Protocol) archives.

Supported browsers

Our service uses a widely supported feature in web browsers called HTTP proxies. Due to the standard nature of this technology, our services have been tested to work with a wide variety of web browsers from different eras.

Service Development Status

SERVICE Description Progress Status Notes
HTTP HTML GET requests 100%
HTML POST requests 0%
Dynamic content: Automatic file indexes 100%
Dynamic content: Server generated pages 100% Error codes (such as 404 error) reported to the web browser properly.
Dynamic content: Server-side Image Maps 100%
MIME types support 100%
CGI scripts support 100%
Search engines 60% Partial functionality with Comet and Yahoo search.
Page view counters 0% Planned for a future release.
HTML web chats 0% In progress.
News client support 0% Planned for a future release.
Multimedia streaming services 0% Planned for a future release.
WAP sites 0% Planned for a future release.
FTP Services on FTP 80% FTP sites are currently only accessible with a web browser. FTP clients will be supported in the future.
MIME types 100%
System generated file indexes 100%
System generated pages 100% Error conditions handled and presented to the web browser.
File descriptions in file indexes 40% Preliminary support.
GOPHER Services on Gopher 0% Planned for a future release.
TELNET Telnet services 0% Planned for a future release.
IRC Internet Relay Chat Server 0% Planned for a future release.
Messenger MSN/Windows Live Messenger 0% Planned for a future release.

Partial list of accessible websites

For an idea of what websites you can access currently, we've compiled a short list of domains that have been restored to full functionality:

  • 3D Realms (
  • Capcom (
  • Compaq (
  • (
  • Epic MegaGames (
  • HappyPuppy (
  • id Software (
  • Psygnosis (
  • Yahoo (
  •,,,, etc.
  • To view the full list of accessible websites, please connect to ProtoWeb and visit
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