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Toshiba T3100SX

The Toshiba T3100SX

Technical Specifications
Year Announced 1986
Processor Intel i386SX CPU with can be switched between 16 MHz and 8 MHz (socket for 80387SX/16 math coprocessor)
RAM Standard 1 MB of RAM, expandable to 5 MB
Hard disk Comes standard with either a 40 MB hard disk or a 80 MB hard disk.
Floppy disk 3,5“ 1.44 MB High Density (HD) diskette drive
Video CGA on a 9,6 inch black/orange plasma screen with either standard maximum resolution of 640 by 200 or special high-resolution 640 by 400 which is partially compatible with Olivetti/AT&T 6300 graphics.
I/O Ports 1x RGB video (DB9), 1x parallel, 1x RS232C Serial
Internal expansion slots Proprietary expansion slot for 1200 bit/s modem, expansion chassis for 5x 8-bit ISA cards, Ethernet NIC, 2400 bit/s modem, or a 1 MB memory card.
Power Supply Powered with a separate universal AC adapter. Can be powered with 100-240V and 50/60 Hz power.
Dimensions 360 x 310 x 80 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 6.8 kg (15 lbs)
Other features Comes standard with an internal rechargeable battery for true portability. Battery life was expected to be anywhere from 2-5 hours.
Operating System Toshiba MS-DOS 4.01
Toshiba MS-DOS 3.3 (option)
Toshiba MS-DOS 3.2
OS/2 (option)
SCO UNIX (option)



File Size Description
Toshiba T3100SX - Flyer.pdf 1.9 MB Toshiba T3100SX flyer with system specifications.
Toshiba T3100SX - Maintenance Manual.pdf 3.2 MB Toshiba T3100SX maintenance/service manual.
Toshiba - Accessory part list.pdf 26 KB Toshiba Accessory part list

Operating System

File Size Description 524 KB Toshiba MS-DOS 3.30/R3C60SC bootable disk image


File Size Description 284 KB Toshiba Diagnostics and Supplemental Diskette (R3CE0) for MS-DOS 3.30. Includes all setup programs and diagnostics utilities. Newer than R3C60. Includes support for T3200SX. 339 KB Toshiba Diagnostics and Supplemental Diskette for MS-DOS 5.0. Includes all setup programs and diagnostics utilities. 21.1 KB TEST3.EXE - Setup program for T3100, T3200, T5100 and T5200 series 1.5 KB CHAD.COM - Set Screen Attributes for T1000, T1100 PLUS, T1200 and T3100 series
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