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Official Documentation

File Size Description
Toshiba T3100 - Flyer.pdf 1.4 MB Toshiba T3100/20 flyer with system specifications.
Toshiba T3100 - Maintenance Manual.pdf 6.7 MB Toshiba T3100 maintenance/service manual.
Toshiba T3100e - Flyer.pdf 2.2 MB Toshiba T3100e flyer with system specifications.
Toshiba T3100e - Maintenance Manual.pdf 3.7 MB Toshiba T3100e maintenance/service manual.
Toshiba T3100SX - Flyer.pdf 1.9 MB Toshiba T3100SX flyer with system specifications.
Toshiba T3100SX - Maintenance Manual.pdf 3.2 MB Toshiba T3100SX maintenance/service manual.
Toshiba T3200 - Flyer.pdf 1.5 MB Toshiba T3200 flyer with system specifications.
Toshiba T3200 - Maintenance Manual.pdf 4.7 MB Toshiba T3200 maintenance/service manual.
Toshiba T3200SX - Flyer.pdf 8.0 MB Toshiba T3200SX flyer with system specifications.
Toshiba T3200SX - Maintenance Manual.pdf 3.7 MB Toshiba T3200SX maintenance/service manual.
Toshiba T3200SXC - Maintenance Manual.pdf 3.6 MB Toshiba T3200SXC maintenance/service manual.
Toshiba - Accessory part list.pdf 26 KB Toshiba Accessory part list
Toshiba T3100 - Microsoft article Q81297.txt 2.5 KB Microsoft article Q81297 for T3100 and T3100e
All official documentation for all Txxxx series portable computers

Community Guides

File Size Description
Dumping and Copying Toshiba BIOS ROM 1.9 MB How to dump and copy your BIOS from a T3200SX
This guide will walk you through the steps needed to dump and/or copy a BIOS ROM chip. This manual is especially helpful if you have a BIOS that doesn't accept custom hard drives, and you want to replace it with a version that does work with custom hard disks. Using the steps in this manual you can replace your BIOS with a BIOS version that allows you to use any hard drive in conjunction with the BIOS version found on this site (see download for An excellent guide written by High Treason.

Note: This guide may apply to other models as well. Use guide at your discretion. You will need a TL866 EEPROM programmer. Highly recommended that you buy a second HN27C1024HG-85 ROM chip and keep your original unmodified and in a safe place.

Operating System

File Size Description 524 KB Toshiba MS-DOS 3.30/R3C60SC bootable disk image. To install this operating system onto the C-drive, boot from this disk, and type “a:\dos\sys c:”. This disk image was transferred from an original T3100e. 338 KB Toshiba MS-DOS 3.30/R3C60SC files only
TSED600.EXE 563 KB Toshiba Special Enhancement Disk for MS-DOS 6.00
TSED620.EXE 610 KB Toshiba Special Enhancement Disk for MS-DOS 6.20
TSED622.EXE 604 KB Toshiba Special Enhancement Disk for MS-DOS 6.22

Toshiba Diagnostics Utilities

File Size Description 159 KB Toshiba Diagnostics and Supplemental Diskette (R3C60) for MS-DOS 3.30. Includes all setup programs and diagnostics utilities. Does not support T3200SX or other 386 machines. 284 KB Toshiba Diagnostics and Supplemental Diskette (R3CE0) for MS-DOS 3.30. Includes all setup programs and diagnostics utilities. Newer than R3C60. Supports 386 machines, including the T3200SX. 339 KB Toshiba Diagnostics and Supplemental Diskette for MS-DOS 5.0. Includes all setup programs and diagnostics utilities. Newer than R3C60. 21.1 KB Setup program for T3100, T3200, T5100 and T5200 series 1.5 KB Set Screen Attributes for T1000, T1100 PLUS, T1200 and T3100 series 5.3 KB Set Screen Attributes for T3200, T5100 series
TEST3.EXE 23.4 KB Setup program for the T1850/C, T2000/SX/SXe, T2200SX, T3100/e/SX, T3200/SX/C, T3300SL, T4400SX/C, T5100, T5200/C, and T6400DX/C. Use this program to access the BIOS if you cannot access it otherwise.

Other utilities

File Size Description
HDDID.EXE 1.6 KB Identifies parameters of your IDE HDD
REBOOT.ZIP 243 B Performs cold boot with CTRL+ALT+DEL.
ANYDRIVE.ZIP 13 KB This program will install inside the primary hard-drive's master boot record (MBR) and while booting, modifies BIOS parameters to accept custom hard-drives (assuming your BIOS version will allow this, see FAQ).
To install, make a bootable floppy and copy AnyDrive to it. Boot off the floppy, install AnyDrive on your HDD, then boot from the HDD per usual. The Anydrive documentation describes how to have Anydrive modify BIOS hard-drive settings and still boot from a floppy disk. Assuming you have a custom hard-drive that is larger than 512MB, you can install AnyDrive by running the command “ANYDRIVE 0 2048 16 63”. This will allow you to utilize the first 512 megabytes on the hard-disk. Once installed, just restart the computer. Please note that viruses may overwrite Anydrive from the MBR, so keep your favorite DOS virus scanner and Anydrive handy on a bootable read-only floppy. The reason you can only utilize 512 MB is because of the limitations in the BIOS addressing scheme. For more information, see the included text file.

ROM dumps

File Size System Description 878 KB T3200 All ROM dumps from the T3200 computer. Includes dumps for the 8742 keyboard controller, graphics controller, hard disk controller and two BIOS ROM versions, 033C/034C V4.20B (1988-FEB-26), and 033E/034E V4.61 (1989-FEB-21). Courtesy of Hanno Foest. 36 KB T3200SX 003I BIOS ROM. The newest (known) BIOS version for the T3200SX. This BIOS version will only accept Conner hard disks. 003I has been improved with a quicker VGA BIOS than earlier versions. Courtesy of High Treason. 401 KB T3200SX 003E BIOS ROM. Curiously this BIOS has the text “T3200SX V3.10 TOSHIBA [..] Copyright (C) 1985-1989 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.[..] FOR EVALUATION ONLY”. Courtesy of RemyV. 47 KB T3200SX 003C/003I HYBRID BIOS. This ROM copy has the 3C BIOS so you can use any hard drive, but also includes the faster 3I VGA BIOS. This hybrid BIOS dump should detect any disk. You will also need Anydrive to set the HDD parameters (see ANYDRIVE.ZIP). Courtesy of High Treason.


File Size Description 25 KB Windows fonts that resemble the Toshiba DOS fonts used in, for example the T3100e. Includes both TrueType (TTF) and bitmap (FON) versions. 1)

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